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Stephanie Gaubert


Hello beautiful ladies! My name is Stephanie Gaubert I’m currently engaged to my high school sweetheart and a sweetheart is what he is. I graduated in 2015 from Paul Mitchell with my cosmetology license. I made great friends there including Erika (bohairbeauty). It was a little rough in the beginning of my hair career and actually took 2 breaks. It wasn’t until I worked at Pixie Glam studio where I really started to grow and learn even more. It has always been a dream and goal to have my own salon. We are growing with the flow and loving every step of the way. Will always be grateful for my family and clients for making this possible. 

I’ve always had a passion for color and blonding while maintaining the health of the hair. I’ve actually never colored my hair, it’s all virgin!  I know it’s rare for a hair colorist to have virgin hair and some don’t believe it , but it’s true. I like to live through my clients hair and treat it how I would like my hair to be treated. That’s why it’s a priority for me to keep hair healthy as possible. I’m constantly learning and educating myself to better educate my clients on how to care for their luscious hair. If you’re wanting to do something bold I’m not afraid to stay in trend and try different colors and techniques. Let’s have some fun! 

Fun facts: I’m obsessed with Chick-fil-A. Food is the way to my heart. My Starbucks order is extra if you were wondering it’s Grande iced shaken espresso with light sweet cream instead nonfat. I love movies. My favorite season is fall/winter. I’m a believer in Jesus! 

-Stephanie Gaubert

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